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Request your personal offer and you will find the form for this here. Please enter the number of pieces you want under the respective sizes.

After we have received your request, we will immediately send you an offer. If das offer meets your expectations, simply confirm this by email.

SIE empfehlen weiter "Rabattstaffel"

Sie kennen HÄNDLER/OEM/HERSTELLER etc., die Interesse am SX3 haben könnten?

Pass it on and recommend!

Whether manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, everyone wants to earn something from a product!

Why not you too?


  1. buy product

  2. apply product

  3. Recommend product

  4. Earn on the product

Benefit from your "word of mouth or your recommendations".

The best salesperson is neither employed by us nor is he a free agent or one of our sales staff. The best seller is a satisfied customer who acts as an active, positive recommender for us, our product and our service.


In our opinion, recommendation marketing or word of mouth is the most effective marketing tool, which is mainly due to the following points:

  • As a recommender, you have a trust bonus because you are primarily convinced of a product and are not acting out of an exclusively monetary intention.


  • Your recommendations appear neutral, more credible and loyal.

  • The recipient of the recommendation can literally feel your enthusiasm.


Every day we consumers are confronted with a huge range of goods. If we feel overwhelmed and can't decide - let's ask someone we know.

  • A kind of "advance sale" takes place through the recommender, i.e. you.


  • The result is much greater efficiency because the conversations are shorter, have less resistance and get to the point faster.

  • The probability of closing increases enormously and the recommendation marketing is therefore highly effective - this results in your financial reward.

With our referral marketing, we give you the money that wholesale/retail would normally get!


We prefer to invest in a satisfied customer - if you want, also in you!


Are you enthusiastic about our product?!


Order your SX3 conveniently and easily via our online shop.


You are absolutely convinced of the SX3?!

Recommend us and share your experiences with friends, acquaintances or even strangers.

The beauty of it is that you make it a product out of sheer conviction!

If the referrer also orders one of our products and gives you as a reference, we will reward you with a bonus.


Would you like to achieve even more and earn money with our products?

  • You can also benefit in the future and sell our product to new or existing customers.​

  • Take advantage of our preferential conditions and increase your income.







SX3 Klappstecker

4x27mm | 5x32 mm | 6x42 mm | 8x42 mm | 10x45mm | 11x45mm

Other sizes on request.

SX3 Functional linch pin


The SIMTECX SX3 functional linch pin with 3-fold safety is used as a securing element (pin securing) in machine and vehicle construction.

This linch pin combines three crucial and safety functions that remain the same over the long term in its bolt head.

Thanks to the patented bolt head/spring washer construction, the spring washer is held in the groove of the bolt head in both the open and closed state. In the open position, unintentional folding backwards or forwards is impossible. When closed, it can only be opened by the user.

This results in three essential advantages for every user

--> no automatic opening

--> no automatic closing

--> no losing the linch pin

SX3 Klappstecker

Technical specifications

SX3 Functional linch pin

bolt head(all dimensions in mm)


  4 x 27 

  5 x 32               

  6 x 42             

  8 x 42           

10 x 45             

11 x 45             

bolt head

  9,40  x   7,40  x  6,90  

  9,50  x   9,30  x  6,70

12,00  x 12,10  x  8,70

13,40  x 13,00  x  9,15

13,40  x 14,00  x  9,15

13,40  x 15,00  x  9,15

O spring washer







bolt shank


Galvanic galvanized:


Galvanizing (silver-bluish iridescent)

8-12 µ Cr(VI)-free, passivation

transparent (silver) sealed

spring washer





Suitable for different shaft diameters.

see above ø spring

8-12 µ 

Zinc-Nickel Cr(VI)-free


Size information (all in mm)

Size              Shaft                   

  4 x 27          10 - 16

  5 x 32          16 - 19           

  6 x 42          19 - 32           

  8 x 42          22 - 32            

10 x 45          25 - 32              

11 x 45          25 - 32   

SX3 Klappstecker_edited

SX3 Functional linch pin


The SX3, a product - 100% MADE IN GERMANY.

The complete development and production of the 

bolt/spring ring is carried out in Germany.


The precision bolt offers the highest security against the automatic opening of the spring ring. Due to the choice of steel, the specially developed bolt head as well as the bolt shaft gets its necessary hardness on the outside and its required toughness in the steel core.


The spring ring is made of a specially manufactured spring steel wire. The uniquely developed shape of the spring ring locks into the groove in the bolt head and provides maximum security against unintentional opening and closing.


Endurance tests have shown that the split pin provides consistent security even after several thousand closing and opening operations. The spring washer shows no signs of fatigue and is still held in the groove just as it was at the beginning.


The pin head was deliberately designed without a third hole to accept a safety chain or safety cord. This makes it possible to reduce the bolt head dimensions. Because the spring washer is held firmly in the groove, a safety chain can be attached directly to the spring washer as required, thus eliminating the need for a third hole.


SX3 Functional linch pin

Care and Maintenance

The SX3 can be used under the most extreme conditions!


In order to be able to guarantee long-term optimal and consistent quality, you should occasionally add some oil or penetrating oil to the two bores. Complete!



The world's first and only safety splint for clamshells!

SX3 KFS 11,5x52mm


Weitere Größen auf Anfrage.

SX3 KFS KAT 2 und 2-3, remunerated


Der SIMTECX SX3 KFS KAT 2 und 2-3 Funktions-Klappsplint mit 3-facher Sicherheit dient als Sicherungselement (Bolzensicherung) im Maschinen- und Fahrzeugbau. 

Dieser Klappsplint vereint drei entscheidende und dauerhaft gleichbleibende Sicherheits-Funktionen in seinem Bolzenkopf.

Durch die patentierte Bolzenkopf-/Federring-Konstruktion wird der Federring im geöffneten wie im geschlossenen Zustand in der Nut des Bolzenkopfes gehalten. In der Offenstellung ist ein ungewolltes nach hinten oder nach vorne Klappen ausgeschlossen. Im geschlossenen Zustand ist nur ein vom Anwender gewolltes Öffnen möglich.

Daraus ergeben sich drei wesentliche Vorteile für jeden Anwender

--> kein selbsttätiges Öffnen

--> kein selbsttätiges Schließen

--> kein Verlieren des Klappsplints


SX3 X sales display

X-VKA vorne

Test stand for your customers including flyer and hanger for different sizes

Let your customers decide!


With the X sales display, your customer has the opportunity to try out the SX3 directly on your premises.


The SX3 8x42 mm or smaller can be put through its paces on the preassembled shaft with a left and right hole of 8 mm diameter.


Should the customer have any questions, you can provide practical assistance.

Kurzinfo Titelbild

SX3 Quick Info

Handling and advantages as well as all producers


Provide the customer with instructions!


Thequick infoexplains the exact handling, the advantages and benefits for the customer. 

So the SX3 is self-explanatory!

If you would like to provide the customer with more information, then simply refer to the following link:

Aufkleber SX3 f. Maschinen

SX3 Aufkleber (zur Anbringung an Maschinen)

Erklärung der SX3 Funktionsweise

Größe: 52 x 74 mm


Zahlung & Versand

The shipping and packaging costs depend on the following criteria:

- Crowd

- Height and weight 

- Type of packaging

- Type of shipment

- Domestic or International

- Standard or express shipping

You will find out the exact costs when you submit our offer.

For more details, please refer to the AGB für business customers.



General terms and conditions for business customers.


Flag Made in Germany
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