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frequently asked Questions

Here are our answers to the frequently asked questions. If your question is not included, we are happy to be personally available for you by e-mail, by phone or WhatsApp.


Send a message by mail to or  via WhatsApp at+49 151 57364834.

We will answer you as soon as possible. 

  • How do I place an order?
    We are happy to take your order via our web shop, via e-mail or by telephone. You can find our contact details here. Business customers can only place their order via the B2B area under this Link.
  • Can I place an order without registering?
    Yes, you can at any time. If you order with registration, we create a customer account in which current and future orders are saved. You can view your data (e.g. orders placed) by logging into your customer account.
  • What do I have to consider when filling out forms or when checking out?
    Each form is divided into mandatory and optional fields. Mandatory fields are marked with a "*". For example, to successfully complete an order, please ensure that you have completed each mandatory "*" field on a check-out page.
  • Why can't I give you a customer review?
    Due to the excessive "fake customer ratings" on a wide variety of web portals, we currently have no confidence in the system. We deliberately do without customer reviews!
  • How do I open and close the SX3?
    The SX3 is easy to open and close with a little trick (see menu Function).
  • Do I have to pay attention to special features when using the SX3?
    The SX3 is completely uncomplicated to use! Strictly speaking, it can be used like any other linch pin. However, due to its exceptional security features, it cannot be opened like a "normal linch pin". So make sure you use it correctly - function SX3 - and you will enjoy it for a very long time.
  • Can the SX3 be used universally?
    Yes! You can use the SX3 on different shaft diameters! More information can be found in the product details under "Technical Data". IMPORTANT: If the hole diameter is too large (e.g. the shaft has a hole diameter of 12mm and an 8x42mm SX3 is inserted into the hole), the holding security is reduced! Due to the excessive play of the split pin in the bore, the split pin is also subject to increased wear. Therefore, always use the right size of cotter pin for the corresponding hole diameter (e.g. 8x42mm SX3 --> 8 hole diameter).
  • How should I care for the SX3?
    With daily use, it usually requires no maintenance or care. If you have installed the cotter pin in your machine and have not used it for a longer period of time, put a drop of PTFE Longlife Spray from LIQUI Moly in both holes. Extensive tests have shown that this spray is the best. Open and close once - done!
  • How much are the shipping costs?
    Shipping costs for private customers (end users) Within Germany, shipping including packaging costs from €4.95. Within Germany, express shipping including packaging costs from €13.95. Europe-wide shipping incl. packaging from €7.95. From an order value of € 400,-- we deliver free of charge to Germany. Shipping costs for business customers ​ The shipping costs for business customers differ from those for private customers. Please refer to your separate business customer account for the respective costs.
  • Are there any shipping conditions?
    Yes, private customers can view your shipping conditions here. If you are a business customer, you will find your applicable shipping conditions in your separate business customer access.
  • How long are the delivery times?
    In Germany the delivery time is 5-7 days. International customs may cause delays. Here you have to reckon with a delivery time of 5-14 days. Please keep in mind that the specified delivery time for advance payment only begins when the money has been received. When paying by PayPal or credit card, the delivery time begins immediately after receipt of money.
  • Is there tracking of the goods?
    After the goods have been shipped, you will usually receive a tracking number from us via email. Please contact us immediately if you accidentally do not receive an e-mail. Internationally, the status of the delivery may not be automatically updated. In Europe, USA and Canada, however, complete tracking can be guaranteed.
  • Can I change my order?
    You can only make limited changes to your completed order. If you want to change the key data on your order or cancel your order, please contact us by email - office - within 90 minutes, stating your order number. Unfortunately, later changes can no longer be taken into account.
  • Can I return the goods?
    There is a 14-day right of return for products that do not meet your expectations. Please make sure that you return the respective goods unused and in new condition, otherwise we cannot take them back without further ado. This means, among other things, that the SX3, for example, was not used on a machine and shows no obvious signs of wear. Also, the spring ring must not be removed from the bolt head under any circumstances, as this will immediately void the warranty. We will not bear any return shipping costs unless the goods are defective. We will pay for the return shipping within Germany for defective goods or incorrect deliveries. For the return of defective goods from abroad, we only cover the costs that are incurred within Germany. We will not refund any additional or already paid customs duties and/or the respective additional VAT payments outside the EU due to an import into a third country (e.g. Switzerland).
  • How are the goods packed?
    One goal in everything we do is to respect, protect and preserve the environment. We put this into practice. If possible, we pack products with materials that have already been used (we use newspaper, for example, as filling material). If the packaging allows it, the cotter pins are often packed in bulk. Plastic is largely avoided. The packaging unit is kept as small as possible.
  • What payment options are there?
    We can offer you the following payment options as a private customer: Please transfer the amount from your order to: Name: SIMTECX GmbH IBAN: DE63750515650011339470 BIC: BYLADEM1KEH Purpose: Name of the customer + order number + order date As soon as we have received the amount, the goods will be packed and shipped. The delivery time specified in the product begins when the money is received. When the goods have been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation. If you are in a hurry, please pay by credit card, the delivery time starts immediately. For further details, please refer to our general terms and conditions for private customers. Business customers can find their payment options in the separate business customer access.
  • returns processing
    As soon as we have received your returned goods and we have checked them for functionality and newness, we will refund you the amount. The amount will be credited to your account, credit card or Paypal, depending on your payment method. The refund is usually made no later than 7 days after receipt of the returned item.
  • What do I have to consider when returning a product?
    If the goods do not meet your expectations and you would like to make use of your 14-day right of return, please proceed as follows: SIMTECX GmbH Returns Department Bergstrasse 3 83413 Fridolfing GERMANY
  • What happens with my data?
    Since we attach great importance to data protection, all your personal data and information is transmitted to us in encrypted form. Read our detailed Privacy Policy.
  • What about my right of withdrawal?
    You can cancel your purchase within this period without giving reasons. Read our detailed cancellation policy.
  • How do I register as a business customer?
    You must first register with us as a business customer. After verification, we will activate you as a commercial customer. You will then receive an email from us. From activation, our exclusive preferential conditions are available to you. If you are already a SIMTECX CUSTOMER, you can skip this step. An excerpt from the commercial register is then no longer required. NOTE: Your "access to the SHOP" is only possible with your registration and activation by us!
  • What discounts and rebates can I get?
    Register as a new customer in the business customer area and you will receive a discount on payment methods and certain purchase quantities and a discount on your order. You can see the discount scale that applies to you (prices excl. VAT) in your business customer area after you have registered and been activated by us.
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