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SIMTECX GmbH, based in Fridolfing, has specialized in the manufacture and sale of the patented SX3 safety linch pin. The functional linch pin is a product that has three essential safety features.

corporate philosophy

Passion - Enthusiasm and conviction are the driving force behind our work. With innovative ideas, our dedicated team faces the challenge of optimizing the development of technically mature products, taking into account the environment/resources, in respectful, fair, partnership-based cooperation with customers, suppliers and employees every day.

corporate values


your satisfactiont is the most important thing to us in every respect. If you're not satisfied, let's talk about it. We will answer your questions and requirements within a very short time. ​

The result is reliability.


trust and responsibility

Trust is important to us, and we also value responsibility.

We take responsibility!

Due to the excessive "fake customersb"evaluations" on various portals on the web, we currently have no trust in the system. WWe deliberately do without customer reviews!


For us, perseverance is an important factor for success, even if it is sometimes difficult.

environmental Protection

The primary goal of what we do is to respect, protect and preserve the environment. We put this into practice.


For example we pack products with materials already used. Plastic is also avoided as far as possible.


Simplicity, speed and flexibility

We simplify work processes, have short decision-making paths and react to innovations in time!


making and designing

Our employees act energetically and work on their own initiative, which we support and encourage!


family interaction

Our team works in an open, friendly atmosphere. We work together and for each other, sometimes confused - that's human!



Laughter releases happiness hormones. We laugh; also about yourself.

Our claim

"Quality is - attention to detail"


We create the best conditions for the manufacture of a very good product, resulting in the best quality - that is our claim.

Flag Made in Germany
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