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As the saying goes, "necessity is the mother of invention" - and it was precisely out of this necessity that we developed the SX3. 



How did it come about?


During the annual hay harvest, I, Manfred Mischko, lost a "commercial linchpin" for the first time.


Due to the loss of the linchpin or pin on the tractor, the mower came loose on the front hydraulics and this caused me considerable damage to the mower, as well as the tractor.


Hoping that such damage would never occur again, I equipped my tractor with market-standard safety linchpins. Unfortunately, one of them opened while I was working in the woods. Fortunately, I noticed this in time, so the bolt was still in the linkage and no damage occurred.


These two incidents prompted me to develop a really safe functional folding cotter pin - the SX3 - which was filed for a German patent in February 2012 and granted by the German Patent Office on December 31, 2015. Due to the positive response of the many farmers, agricultural machinery dealers and original equipment manufacturers to whom we presented our SX3 functional folding cotter pin, we decided to found SIMTECX GmbH in early 2016 and to apply for another German patent, which was extended and applied for as a European patent in 2018. 


My great-grandfather, grandfather as well as my father, were and are passionate inventors and tinkerers and it looks like I have also inherited this characteristic to develop or improve something new.


With a lot of heart and soul I have developed my SX3 and now I am happy that you can also profit from this invention. 


I wish you now much joy and more safety with your SX3! 





Manfred Mischko

Managing Partner


PS: What was still very important to us, the SX3 is a product - 100% MADE IN GERMANY. The complete development and manufacturing of the bolt/spring ring is done in Germany. 

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