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The SX3 KFS KAT 2 and 2-3 functional safety linchpin (for catch profile) with triple safety is used as a safety element (bolt safety device) in mechanical engineering and vehicle construction.

This linch pin combines three decisive and permanently consistent safety functions in its pin head.


The patented bolt head/spring washer design holds the spring washer in the groove of the bolt head in the open and closed position. In the open position, unintentional folding backwards or forwards is impossible. In the closed position, only opening by the user is possible.


This results in three major advantages for every user:


--> no automatic opening

--> no automatic closing

--> no loss of the folding pin

SX3 KFS KAT 2 and 2-3 (for catch profile) 11.5x52mm

  • Bolt (mm) special steel, tempered

    Bolt head: 22.65 x 12.85 x 16.85

    Bolt shank: 11.5 x 52

    Galvanized: 8-12 µ Cr(VI)-free alloy Zinc plating/passivation

    Color: silver sealed


    Spring washer (mm)

    Diameter: 4.0

    Galvanized: 8-12 µ alloy Zinc-nickel Cr(VI)-free

    Color: black


    Suitable for KAT 2 and 2-3 ball catch trays.

Flag Made in Germany
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