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Pass it on and recommend!

Whether manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, everyone wants to earn something from a product!

Why not you too?


  1. buy product

  2. apply product

  3. Recommend product

  4. Earn on the product

Benefit from your "word of mouth or your recommendations".

The best salesperson is neither employed by us nor is he a free agent or one of our sales staff. The best seller is a satisfied customer who acts as an active, positive recommender for us, our product and our service.


In our opinion, recommendation marketing or word of mouth is the most effective marketing tool, which is mainly due to the following points:

  • As a recommender, you have a trust bonus because you are primarily convinced of a product and are not acting out of an exclusively monetary intention.


  • Your recommendations appear neutral, more credible and loyal.

  • The recipient of the recommendation can literally feel your enthusiasm.


Every day we consumers are confronted with a huge range of goods. If we feel overwhelmed and can't decide - let's ask someone we know.

  • A kind of "advance sale" takes place through the recommender, i.e. you.


  • The result is much greater efficiency because the conversations are shorter, have less resistance and get to the point faster.

  • The probability of closing increases enormously and the recommendation marketing is therefore highly effective - this results in your financial reward.

With our referral marketing, we give you the money that wholesale/retail would normally get!


We prefer to invest in a satisfied customer - if you want, also in you!


Are you enthusiastic about our product?!


Order your SX3 conveniently and easily via our online shop.

SX3 Titelbild


Put the SX3 through its paces!

  • Convince yourself of the quality and functionality of this safety split pin!

  • compare the SX3 to your current linch pins!

  • You will quickly see the benefits and advantages of the SX3 for yourself!      


You are absolutely convinced of the SX3?!

Recommend us and share your experiences with friends, acquaintances or even strangers.

The beauty of it is that you make it a product out of sheer conviction!

If the referrer also orders one of our products and gives you as a reference, we will reward you with a bonus.


Would you like to achieve even more and earn money with our products?

  • You can also benefit in the future and sell our product to new or existing customers.​

  • Take advantage of our preferential conditions and increase your income.

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